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There is an addendum to our previous discussion about pH and bottled water from ourknowledgeable representative from GSK, the company that makes Sensodyne.

Our previous discussion was about flavored water drinks.  Now we hear that some plain bottled water that we pay good money for have pH readings that fall in the acidic range.  In particular, Dasani (made by Coca Cola) and Aquafina (PepsiCo) have pH’s of 5.5 or less (some websites said 4).  Remember that pH’s of 5 and under can be harmful to teeth.

Bottled water in general is tricky.  It takes some serious research to find out exactly what is in the water we buy, and the results are not always positive. I’m resolved to continue to use my Nalgene bottle, filled with filtered water from our kitchen sink, and carry it with me through the day. 


Our patients are wonderful, and I can say without a doubt that the relationships we have with our “peeps” over many years is the best part of our job.

Here’s an example:  A few weeks ago, during a hygiene appointment, I had a lovely chat with my patient about her business of supplying fresh herbs to upscale restaurants.  A few days later, what appeared in our office but a flat of gorgeous plants.

It made my day!  Thanks to Michelle C. for showing this kindness.


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