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By Dr. JoAnne Carr
February 21, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Crowns   Bridges  

Bridges and crowns are two of the most popular dental solutions for damaged or missing teeth. These restorative treatments utilize prosthetic appliances for restoring your smile to its healthy and natural state. In general, dentists use crowns for fractured or damaged tooth structures, while bridges are used for restoring one or more missing teeth.

To determine if crowns and bridges will suit your needs, you can visit our practice, Thomas & JoAnne Carr, DDS, in Sunnyvale, CA. Here, one of our dentists, Drs. Thomas Carr, JoAnne Carr, or Robert Yee, can discuss the options available to you and tell you the most appropriate treatment for the results you want to achieve.

What are Crowns?

Crowns are manufactured or synthetic teeth that are made of ceramic or porcelain that dentists can texture and color-match to look like your existing teeth. They can likewise be made of metal alloys for enhanced strength for replacing teeth at the back of the mouth. In most cases, metal crowns are bonded with porcelain for improved durability and a more natural look.

Essentially, crowns are utilized for restoring weakened, fractured, or damaged teeth. The affected tooth will be treated for decay and reshaped to accommodate the crown. Next, the crown will be cemented over the reshaped tooth.

What are Bridges?

Bridges are prosthetic devices for replacing multiple missing teeth and are typically made of metal and porcelain to provide a natural look and sturdiness. A typical bridge contains false teeth secured between two crowns. During application, the existing teeth next to the gap will be prepped and reshaped before cementing the crowns and bridge. Once cemented, the bridge will work and look just like your real teeth.

Do I Need Crowns and Bridges?

Bridges and crowns can be utilized for repairing a variety of dental issues. If you have misshapen, severely discolored, damaged, fractured, or weakened teeth (due to severe decay) or you need a bridge that requires an anchor, crowns can help restore your smile. If you have one or several missing teeth or don’t want to wear dentures, a bridge may also be a viable option.

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By Dr. JoAnne Carr
December 09, 2013
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Bleaching   whitening  

Whitening Update

Almost three weeks have passed, and I am happy to report that I have used 75% of the whitening gel.   My teeth are visibly lighter.  It took me a while, but I eventually got the hang of loading the trays with the right amount of peroxide gel.  I learned it was very obvious when the trays were overfilled because my gums burned immediately.  I know now that when that happens, it is best to just pull the trays out of your mouth and start over. 

The advantage of this type of system is that it takes only 15 minutes a day to do.  Still, it was difficult for me to be consistent and wear the trays daily.  One time I did the whitening right before we went out for dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  There I was, drinking tea with my fried rice!  I suspect the benefit of the whitening that day was cancelled by bathing my teeth in a stain-producing liquid shortly thereafter. 

Despite my inconsistency and lack of complete adherence to the suggested guidelines, I got results.  It is nice to feel confident of my smile.  

By Dr. JoAnne Carr
October 31, 2013
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Bleaching   whitening  

Whitening Begins

Now I have so much more empathy with my patients who buy a new power brush or pay for a whitening kit and then don’t use it.  It has taken me two weeks to actually start the whitening process.  Why?  One reason:  it’s best not to drink coffee or tea or red wine or eat “red” food while bleaching.  Ideally, you shouldn’t have anything like that at all for the two weeks or so you’re whitening.  That’s what I intended to do, but practically speaking, I decided I’d cheat a bit and just minimize the coffee and tea and not drink it for at least two hours after using the trays.  (Note to self:  whitening in the summer would decrease the desire for warm drinks.)

Another reason that I procrastinated is that it is something new to add to my already busy daily routine.  Change can be so difficult.

But finally, finally, I began.  First I studied the instruction sheet (that came in 16 different languages).  Secondly, I loaded the trays and put them in my mouth for 15 minutes.  How simple is that?  One issue, though.  Back a long time ago when I opened the kit, the syringe dispensing tip seems to have been overlooked and now was nowhere to be found.  Therefore, I couldn’t be super accurate is placing a “small bead of gel” into the bottom of each tooth impression in the tray.  Hence, I used too much gel.  Oh did my gums feel it!  But the Finishing Rinse was soothing and took care of all sensitivity.

The good news is that I’ve done three sessions and my gums are okay and I’m on a roll.

Next week:  results? 

By Dr. JoAnne Carr
October 03, 2013
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Bleaching   whitening  

Welcome to our blog!

Our purpose in blogging is to discuss (hopefully) interesting topics related to dentistry, with a personal touch.
So, I (Dr. JoAnne) will begin by talking about the most requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry today:  teeth whitening.
There are so many options for whitening your teeth:  whitestrips, gels, pens, mall kiosks, etc.  Some of these methods work
quite well, and you can get a noticeable change in tooth color.  However, we have found that by far the best whitening is achieved with custom trays.
Here's how it works:  Molds are made of your teeth in the dental office, and flexible plastic trays are constructed.  These trays fit perfectly over your teeth,
and so when you add the gel, it goes exactly where it needs to to contact the enamel and remove stain and discoloration.
Our daughter is getting married early next year, and in anticipation of the wedding, I am about to begin whitening my teeth.
Tu-Anh, our assistant,  made trays for me - upper and lower - and I plan to begin the whitening process next week.