Boring Brushing?

I hate to admit it, but spending two minutes with my Sonicare morning and evening can be laborious and, frankly, boring.  I lose interest in angling the brush head toward the gums, and making sure I'm reaching the outsides and insides and tops of all my teeth, as I instruct my patients. Yikes! And I'm a dental professional!

A friend suggested a solution: combine brushing with a balancing game.  I start by slightly bending one knee and raising the other leg off the ground.  As I brush the outsides of my teeth, I attempt to balance on the bent-knee leg. After one minute, I change legs and brush the insides of the teeth, trying to balance on the other leg.  I've found that it's a huge challenge to stay steady, and as I concentrate on the one-legged standing, I also concentrate more on brushing technique.

If that's too easy, you can always do the brushing and balancing with your eyes closed.

Try it - it's not as simple as you think.  And your teeth will stay cleaner too.

P.S. I'm planning to start the whitening next week for sure.