Happiness is......








Happiness is……

After a slight “blog-cation”, may we begin again with this astounding statement:

Our office is in the business of making you happy.

Did you know:

  • Smiling has a profound impact on our emotions. We smile not only because we are happy, but we are happier as a result of smiling.
  • When we see others smile, our own feeling of happiness increase. You can say that smiling is instantaneously contagious!
  • Even when we “fake” smile, it has been shown that positive feelings will follow.
  • Smiling helps lessen pain and makes us healthier.
  • Bottom line: Smiling is powerful, positive, and important to do often.
  • In our office, we create and maintain smiles. This is what we do all day long. So come see us. It’ll make you happy.


For more information, see www.huffingtonpost.com/melissa-stephenson/how-smiling-can-make-you-happier