Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The year 2014 is well underway, and it’s high time to think about health and wellness and settling into a nutritious dietary routine.

The month of December is always a lost cause as far as healthy eating goes.  It may surprise you that our office is the recipient of many sweets during the holiday season -  delicious, sugary delicacies.  Don’t misunderstand:  we love the gifts and the consumption thereof.  But self-control becomes an issue.  How many pieces of See’s candy do you have in one sitting?  Do you need to try every kind of cookie in the tin?  Is it even possible to limit yourself in the presence of such abundance?

But now it’s January, a time for new beginnings.  Here’s a fact to chew on, the American Heart Association guidelines for the ideal amount of sugar in our diet: 

Women:  26 grams or 6 ½ teaspoons of sugar a day

Men:  38 grams or 9 ½ teaspoons of sugar a day

Next week:  what is the actual amount of sugar consumed daily by the average American?  You might be surprised.