In our own words: Flossing

In Our Own Words: Why do we recommend flossing every day?

Linda: Brushing will clean only 3 of the 5 sides of each tooth – only floss can remove plaque in between the teeth and under the gums, the areas where periodontal disease usually begins.

Dr. Tom: Flossing disrupts the sticky bacterial film that grows on the teeth every day.

Dr. JoAnne: Daily flossing reduces the bleeding between your teeth by 38%.  Remember, bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease.

Tu-Anh: It keeps your gums happy and teeth free of decay.  Brushing and not flossing is like taking a shower and not washing your hair!

Nicole: ‘Cause it’s not nice to ignore your gums - they like some loving too you know!

Jill: Floss every day and your mouth will feel better, your gums won’t bleed, and you will keep your teeth.

Lastly, take a good look at the pictures below.

Bet you noticed the food stuck in their teeth didn’t you? Look again…….