The Law of Giving and Receiving Always Surprises

What is it about doing something for someone else, even when you don’t feel like it, that always seems to result in the greater benefit to yourself?

Such was the case in Sacramento last weekend when Dr. Tom, TuAnh, and I took part in “CDA  Cares,” a California Dental Association-sponsored clinic at the Cal Expo Center, that provided dental services for those in need.  We were three tiny cogs in the gigantic wheel that treated 2,080 people over Friday and Saturday, many of whom had camped out through the night in order to get in.

I saw about twelve people and did teeth cleaning.  For most of those people it had been a long time since their last dental visit; one woman had never had her teeth cleaned ever.  You can imagine the dramatic difference in feel and look of teeth after having years of tartar buildup removed.  One man called my assistant and me his “two angels.”  Another gave a shy smile and quiet “thank you” when we finished.  All were appreciative, patient, and easy (yes!) to work on. 

Herein lies the blessing:  to help another in such a specific, practical way, brings great joy. 

Was I tired going into the weekend?  Yes.  Was I excited about the prospect of working additional hours?  Not so much.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Sign me up for the next one.