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By Dr. JoAnne Carr
August 08, 2016
Category: Hygiene
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Flossing not beneficial? Balderdash!

It was hard not to miss this morning’s front page Mercury News treatment of the latest dental bombshell:

The federal government, after compiling studies on flossing, said there’s little or no evidence it benefits dental health and has stopped recommending its use.

The article goes on to say the Associated Press examined the research and failed to find convincing evidence that flossing is effective. The studies found were “weak, unreliable,” and of “very low” quality.

What do we, who spend our days in the dental trenches say in response?

First, after looking in mouths for 30+ years, we can unequivocally state that regular flossing greatly reduces plaque buildup, prevents cavities, and keeps gums healthier than they would ever be without said flossing.

Second, perhaps this Flossing Kerfuffle is a benefit in disguise since it will create new dialogue in what has been a tired old story since 1979 (the year the government began recommending that Americans floss every day). How many times a day do we hear, “I know I should floss, but I haven’t been doing it.” Now we can replace the guilt with an honest to goodness conversation about why we think floss is still one of the most important tools in the oral health toolbox. It will become not just a duty one has to endure, but a free will act of self- care that will help reduce bleeding, save jawbone and keep teeth comfortable and functional for life.

What’s not to like about that?

Thank you, U.S. government!

By Dr. JoAnne Carr
June 22, 2016
Category: Mouth Guard

Of course you saw it:  a dental mouth guard made prime time news!

It may seem obvious, but why does Steph Curry wear a mouth guard? It couldn’t be for looks, although the trademark twirling and dangling of Steph’s appliance has become part of his Warrior image.

Wearing any kind of a mouth guard is about protection. In the sports arena it is to prevent damage to the teeth by impact.  A sport that involves physical contact is a place ripe for trauma to the jaw, jaw joint (TMJ), teeth and soft tissue of the face.

Over the years we have witnessed a number of impact injuries among our patients.  Without question the people that wore mouth guards experienced the least amount of damage to their teeth.

Many coaches and trainers are encouraging mouth protection. Seeing a sports celebrity like Curry wearing his guard raises the awareness of this simple and effective method of dental protection.  Congratulations to the NBA’s unanimous MVP and his team for a historic and unforgettable season!

Next time: Other reasons for wearing a mouth guard



By Dr. JoAnne Carr
March 18, 2016
Category: Preventative Care
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Happiness is……

After a slight “blog-cation”, may we begin again with this astounding statement:

Our office is in the business of making you happy.

Did you know:

  • Smiling has a profound impact on our emotions. We smile not only because we are happy, but we are happier as a result of smiling.
  • When we see others smile, our own feeling of happiness increase. You can say that smiling is instantaneously contagious!
  • Even when we “fake” smile, it has been shown that positive feelings will follow.
  • Smiling helps lessen pain and makes us healthier.
  • Bottom line: Smiling is powerful, positive, and important to do often.
  • In our office, we create and maintain smiles. This is what we do all day long. So come see us. It’ll make you happy.


For more information, see


By JoAnne Carr DDS
November 19, 2015
Category: Community Service

Halloween Candy Buy-Back 2015 - A Photo History

A big thank you to all who donated candy - over 850 pounds were collected!

The candy went to our troops via Operation Gratitude, and to children around the world through Operation Christmas Child.

Thanks to our office team and Nicole's daughter Paige for collecting, separating chocolate from non-chocolate candy, and for boxing and loading the payload!

The Carr's and mascot Daisy delivered the sweets to Van Nuys, where they were added to the 400,000 pounds to be distributed. That's 20 million pieces of candy! We also shared candy in almost 300 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, packed by students at Sacred Heart School, Saratoga.

By Dr. JoAnne Carr
October 26, 2015
Category: Nutrition
Tags: hygiene   Sugar   water  

There is an addendum to our previous discussion about pH and bottled water from ourknowledgeable representative from GSK, the company that makes Sensodyne.

Our previous discussion was about flavored water drinks.  Now we hear that some plain bottled water that we pay good money for have pH readings that fall in the acidic range.  In particular, Dasani (made by Coca Cola) and Aquafina (PepsiCo) have pH’s of 5.5 or less (some websites said 4).  Remember that pH’s of 5 and under can be harmful to teeth.

Bottled water in general is tricky.  It takes some serious research to find out exactly what is in the water we buy, and the results are not always positive. I’m resolved to continue to use my Nalgene bottle, filled with filtered water from our kitchen sink, and carry it with me through the day. 


Our patients are wonderful, and I can say without a doubt that the relationships we have with our “peeps” over many years is the best part of our job.

Here’s an example:  A few weeks ago, during a hygiene appointment, I had a lovely chat with my patient about her business of supplying fresh herbs to upscale restaurants.  A few days later, what appeared in our office but a flat of gorgeous plants.

It made my day!  Thanks to Michelle C. for showing this kindness.


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